Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interior finish and cockpit progress

I continued with some more taping when the hull was on the side (this picture was obviously turned judging from the epoxy cup sitting on the port cabin wall).  A vertical stiffener at the aft edge of the cut-out and glue-back-in area.

And the inner lamination on the main hatch opening.

Then I put the hull back in the supports and started to remove peel ply.  I have peel plied everything under way, and tried to work smooth and clean, and I have no intention of filling the interior up with fairing compound.  So I used about 10 minutes with a sanding paper and cleaned off the surface.  Then I covered the front end of the cabin with a polyurethane paint, as I think this would be quite difficult after fitting the anchor well.

Same procedure with the storage areas and safety compartment under the cockpit seats, as advised by F-22 builder and sailor Menno.

As it obviously would be possible to make a smoother surface in these areas, I am very happy with it the way it is, and I have removed more weight in peel ply than what I have added in paint these two last days.

I applied a second layer of PU in the 8 - 20 hour time frame, and fitted the cockpit tops this evening.

Tomorrow night I will have a couple of friends over to have a drink and some good conversations in the boat for the first time.  It's time to start testing the functionality of this construction.....


Andrew said...

Looks great Tor! Enjoying following along.

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks! And thank you for advice on foils etc!