Monday, April 12, 2010

Caught up

After several days of other commitments I finally made it to the workshop this evening.  My brother was here and helped me turn the boat earlier today, I think it is very doable single handed as well, as the boat is not anything close to heavy.  I forgot the camera, today's pictures are of phone quality only.  Anyway, this is how it sits at the moment.

The main reason for doing this was to be able to finish taping the daggerboard case to the hull, the top starboard side still missing. (not now, however)

This position also made it easier to finish other taping, the port settee under support;

The main bulkhead opening to the aft cabin;

Glueing back in the starboard cutout made for the head.  The underside only taped so far.  The top side taping will be easy once the hull is turned back.  I'll keep part of the cut out, hinged at the front, for better access to the forward storage space underneath.

I managed to finish the taping of the aft cabin bunk top before the latest building intermission, here is how it looks.

I also got the chance to "trial laminate" the underside of the cockpit seats, nice access trough the cutouts, and definitely no need for making glueing flanges.  I just have to get the compartments painted and get on with the cockpit construction. 

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