Monday, November 10, 2008

Cockpit floor and some more

I removed the peel ply in the cockpit floor attachment zone, leaving a clean textured surface ready for further lamination:

The floor, cut a bit oversized and trimmed back to fit (because of the angled attachment surface). Peel ply removed along the edge.

Rather than attaching with the hot glue gun I clamped it in place, also allowing for a little bit of hull shape adjustment:

Then I re infused the starboard main bulkhead

Before taping in the cockpit floor, leaving the underside for the next session

And the main bulkhead front side:

I need to make the aft cockpit front bulkhead, the aft bulkhead, the front bunk and the aft bunk before any significant further progress. I am not sure that I have enough carbon for all these panels, I am planning a shopping trip to Oslo on December 5th. I'm sure I will find something to do in the mean time anyway.

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