Monday, November 17, 2008

Overview pictures

Readers have contacted me telling me it is hard to understand what and where the different panels are in the actual boat, that it is hard to get an overview and understand what the boat will look like. I have tried to make a few pictures to help in that aspect. The pictures are rotated to make it easier to understand the finished boat layout and might not correspond to earlier pictures showing steps of the building process.

First, here is a picture of the port half seen from the aft. The roomy aft cabin is clearly visible, and the MDF piece illustrates the bunk. There will be access from the cockpit through a hatch in the aft cabin front bulkhead. Then the cockpit area is seen and the companionway cut out leading forward to the main cabin. The front bunk will rest on the two front bulkheads not divided in the mid line

Here the half boat seen from the bow:

This picture shows the boat "from above", the cabin roof ends and the cockpit starts just at the edge of the pillar at the right in this picture:

And this is the aft end of the boat, showing aft cabin roof and cockpit area. A swim step will be incorporated far right in the picture:

Here the cockpit area "from above and starboard". I dropped in a couple of panels to explain the cockpit. The extending bulkhead part is for alignment and will be removed after hull join. The decks will be cut back to be flush with the bulkheads.

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