Friday, November 07, 2008

Even more on bulkheads

I have to apologize as I somehow messed up the white balance before these pictures were taken, and I was not able to "unblue" them totally without other losses.

The taping of the main and aft bulkheads. After correct position is established and double checked I start with tacking the bulkheads in using a hot glue gun:

Then laying down a generous putty filling, squeezing the epoxy in to the joint gap, if any:

Then taping in the bulkhead, using peel ply as a last layer and thus achieving a very smooth transition between the two parts. The main bulkhead:

The aft bulkhead, half the join between the two panels also made:

Then I discovered that after deciding on what model, re deciding and finally deciding on cruising cabin and aft cabin, there was one part I forgot to redo, the aft beam bulkhead. The cockpit floor is a little bit raised on the aft cabin model and my aft beam bulkhead was too big, made for the aft cockpit model. I had to cut back some of it:

Which also gave me the opportunity to check the bond between bulkhead and hull from the inside. Seems pretty comfortably solid:

And then I started to test fit the cockpit floor.

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