Thursday, November 06, 2008

More bulkheads

Eilert popped in to see the progress, and he tested all areas of the hull.

He was especially pleased to find that he fitted perfectly in the front bunk storage compartment

Then I had to tape the last pieces of the front bunk bulkheads, some of it in not so easy to access areas:

I moved on test fitting the aft cabin aft bulkhead(s)

And the main bulkhead. I was really impressed on how well this large part fitted, here it is just cut from the full size pattern and dropped in:

A detail of the fit, before any trimming. I really think Ian Farriers plans are of excellent quality, I have never seen any other boat plans but from what other builders tell this should not be possible:

And here it is trimmed to fit:

A day dreaming picture:

Then I had to take it out to back fill the drain opening. I also made a drain opening in the aft bunk bulkhead. I think I will make flanges on the top of this bulkhead, and then make a mould corresponding with the aft bunk outline and then make a flange along the hull. Then leave the bunk out and in one piece, leaving better access for hull taping and drop the bunk in place on the pre made flanges after hull join:

In the workshop atrium total chaos reside.....

Mast mould seen under the floats, top/bottom end visible

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Sometime pictures can say more than 1000 words!