Saturday, November 01, 2008

Installing more bulkheads

I proceeded with the forward beam bulkhead. Somehow I did not manage to get one single photograph of the process. It included again the use of levellers, a plum bob and a drilled hole to establish the exact gunwale line position and the correct angle to it in order to make an exact positioning of the bulkhead. Again, like in the floats, an the part had an amazingly good fit from the full size patterns. I had to run the random orbital sander a brief touch where the extra layer of UD ran, and that was it. Exact fit. Then I made this tool to form the putty fillet and taped it in (screw for dimensional purpose):

Then I started to prepare the installation of the two front bunk bulkheads. Still very good fit, only minor adjustments needed, mostly due to the keel UD. The positioning of these are much easier as they run parallell to the form frames. Dry fitting:

Glued in:

Close up of the tape, made from cut-offs. I try to cut it close to 45/45 as this drapes very good as well as the width is easily "adjustable". I cut back the peel ply approximately 1 cm longer than the prescribed tape width, then I lay the tape as nice as possible along this edge. I use peel ply on everything. A generous putty filling in the join as shown here:

A couple of overview and day-dreaming pictures in the end....

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