Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another set back for the trailer

I did most of what I could do with the trailer, with the parts available so far.  The rest was supposed to be finished last week but isn't.  I have to decide if I'm going to wait for the trailer to be ready to receive the boat, or if I should keep it on the building stands outside the workshop.  I really should clear the workspace to get the mast building going, as I have to give the sailmaker the mast prebend before he can start the sail.

Anyway, a couple of trailer photos:

 Lights being fitted

Extension for the light plate.  This turned out to be too floppy, I have to do something about it, either more stable extensions or a much lighter plate, or both.

While I'm not able to decide on how to move further I have continued with smaller projects in the workshop. I finally got the kevlar laminated on to the cockpit seats. In the background the Harken CB midrange windward sheeting system, I ended up buing it from Mauri Pro Sailing, fast and complication free delivery. I have asked several Norwegian dealers for about a year now, I got the first quote the same day as this was delivered.

Then I finally got around to do the final sanding of the rudder moulds.  I have not been looking forward to this, but now it's done.  Applied mould sealer, still to apply 5 layers of release agent, then ready to shoot another high quality rudder. I have to make the rudder case as well, in order to start the tiller and do the final trimming to the aft edge of the hull.

I also started playing with mixing my own fairing compound.  I was able to find a recipe for a thick, dry, easy sandable compound, but I have not yet found the proper tool for applying the stuff.  I will try to pick up a lot of useful hints described in this and this link for the main hull fairing.
In the background the first small steps in the making of an "optional carbon bow pole" visible.

Really no much progress, I think it is because I have not been able to find time for boatbuilding lately.

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