Monday, October 04, 2010

Engine mount. Traveller bracing

This is probably way overkill, but I don't like the idea of the engine on an "extension" is causing the bulkhead to flex back and forth.  So, behind the cut outs with massive epoxy filling around the bolt holes in the bulkhead, I mounted a 20 mm HD foam plate, and from that I made stiffening stringers in all directions.  The stringers are covered with a layer of 500 gsm UD carbon, and then one layer of 400 gsm DB (45/45).  Now I expect the bulkhead to be very stiff and no flex.  The exciting part is now how well the aft cabin will serve as a resonance chamber, amplifying the engine noise and vibrations.....

Hurray, I was able to remove the mould plates from the traveller braces.  Although the laminate from yesterday was quite thin (approx 1,5 mm), this was enough to give the traveller absolute stability.  The difference was sensational, especially taken into account the braces was not very stiff at all. I doubled the lay up, making them about half the thickness of the main brackets.  Hope that will do, I'm most concerned of direct traumas.  Here is a close up anterolateral view:

And posterolateral:

The traveller might even be less prone to snagging ropes with this extra bracing...

Still no more parts for the trailer.

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