Monday, October 25, 2010

Setting up the mast moulds

I spent most of Sunday cleaning up in and around the workshop and I filled a trailer with scrap materials to be taken to the dump.  Another pile is rising for when the trailer is emptied.  Then I started to set up the moulds in an appropriate working height with straight and steady support. The mast will be made from four quarts made from two moulds and a central shear web.
I will have the two moulds lined up next to each others with walking space between them, here the leading half is on it's new legs.

I removed a lot of old epoxy and inspected the mould surface.  It seems to have gotten some beating up when the last piece was removed, so some filling and fairing will be necessary.

Gel coat ripped off trough to the glass

Another missing part of the gel coat

A photo of the leading half, seen from the spreader position.  I will not use spreaders on this mast, the size and construction makes the section stiff enough without.  Saved weight and drag, and a lot cleaner for the jib and handling on the trailer.  My phone inside to give a sense of the dimensions.

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