Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bow pole in progress

The "ears" stuck well to the tube, but had to be laminated as well.  I sanded down the corners and prepared for a length of carbon BD sleeve to overlap from tube to "ears".  Tomorrow I will put a length inside the tube and blow up a balloon inside it.

Then I started to prepare for the bobstay/screecher tack carbon anchor.  Slots in the tube being made.

The core consisting of HD Divinicell and microfiber saturated epoxy was wrapped in unidirectional fiber.

Plan was to insert while still tacky, but I used more UNI than planned and the slots was too small so I didn't get it in like I had planned.  Ended in a usable position though.

Screacher tack showing hairy uni due to working too much uni trough too small slot.  But a very tight fit.

Decided to try the heat shrink tube again, but now using peel ply inside, so just for compressing purposes.  The fabric covering the smooth transition between tube and bar.  Tube cut to see if it will release this time.  Seems it will let the peel ply go.

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