Sunday, October 03, 2010


Lots of work and other obligations have set limits for boat progress this week.  And I still only have my phone for photographing, so picture quality sucks.

I tacked the main carbon traveller to the brackets. 

I was not happy with the result, as the whole system, although not giving after to perpendicular pull, seems quite floppy when subjected to forces in any other directions.  So I decided to brace it up with diagonal carbon brackets from traveller end to deck level.  I made up moulds from plywood and glued together a 4 cm strip from unidirectional and bi-directional carbon fibre.  Not very thick laminate, I think I will beef it up further when (if) I get the mould plates removed.

I have not yet received the trailer parts, but some progress has been made to the trailer as well.  Here trial fitting fenders with modified brackets.

The fenders have been mounted, hopefully in a manner where the 2,2m 30x30 square tube that I have ordered but not been able to pick up yet, will still fit into the main frame of the trailer.  The purpose of these tubes will be to extend the trailer and light/licence plate 1,6m when carrying the boat.  I finished bending and cutting the 10x30 rectangular steel tubes whose only purpose is to make sure I get the number 250 written in the registration papers, under the heading :  "Maximum trailer width, cm".

I also received a "box of goodies" the other day (loads of Ronstan orbit blocks and some other stuff).  Unfortunately not the jib track and cars, which are the first items I need, in order to give the sail maker the exact measures for the self tacking Glider(R) jib

 Nice to play around with what was in the box though, as here the blocks for the 6:1/24:1 main sheet system (mainsheet #12).

For main traveller my first choice was the Harken CB midrange windward sheeting, but none seemed to be interested in selling me the system so I opted for the Ronstan custom windward sheeting.  This turned out to be outrageously expensive, so now I have ordered the Harken system from Texas.

Tonight I also did the first steps in preparing fossil fuel propulsion of the Panta Rei. I had to make a considerable cut back in the hull.  Didn't feel really good, but no way around it as I have come to an understanding with myself that I need to have an engine even though it is a sail boat.

The Yamaha being lined up in order to establish the exact positioning of the engine bracket. The bulkhead obviously needs some HD inserts as well as a couple of stiffening stringers. The engine will tilt, then swing up and forward when not in use.

As the ultra long high trust model is 5 kg extra (don't see why) and almost double price, I opted for the regular long engine.  I have been breaking it in on the Telstar, and I was surprised by it's hugely improved trust in both forward and reverse compared to my old Suzuki 6hp, as well as an extra knot of boat speed at a much more tolerable noise level.  I'm carrying the standard 81/2" x 71/2" propeller, but I suspect I will find out if the 9" dual trust propeller available will be an even better match for a tri.  Anyway, it seems I'm able to get the propeller a fair bit under water, I hope the long version will work tolerable in the kind of sea (no wind) where motoring is likely.

Tonight I also did the first steps in preparing fossil fuel propulsion of the Panta Rei.


CrashGybe 22 said...

I was also surprised at the outrageous prices for some of the Ronstan gear and considering it's Australian, I though it would be better priced than the Harken, at least here.


Tor Rabe said...

Yes, some of it. Most blocks are not that bad considering what you get. I love the orbit blocks with the Dyneema links, 68g for a SWL of 500kg.