Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More bow pole and trailer

Attaching the "ears" at the basis of the bow pole, or klyverbom as I prefer to address it.  This is the link between the Baugspryd (bow web) and klyverbom (bow pole).

Along the carbon tube you can see the remnants of the "special treated heat shrink tube" available from Soller Composites. It is supposed to apply some degree of compression to a laminate when heated and be releasable.  I have now done several attempts, and I have scrapped carbon worth a few hundred dollars in an attempt to make this work, but I don't seem to get the hang of it.  I've been in contact with the supplier, who offers to  supply more tubing (not carbon, as some attempts should be anticipated) which I'm definitely not interested in.  He suggests the problem is due to my lack of experience with composite work.  This may well be true, in which case I think the product should not be marketed the way it is. (-besides the heat shrink part, this method works very well).  My advise to other builders out there: Stay away from this product.  I do, however, like the carbon uni and BD sleeves from Soller. Anyway, I finally managed to make what I judge to be a structurally sound tube, the remnants of the shrink tube will be sanded off (bulk was removed with utility knife).

This is the mould and in it the core of what will be an attempt to make carbon anchors for bob stay (Vaterstag) and screecher tack (klyver).  I didn't really see how I would fit a saddle eye in a proper manner to the tube.  Besides, this is nice prep work for the mast attachments, some of which I am really still in the planning phase for.

Bunk board and side supports sealed with epoxy.

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