Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clearing the workshop

Last night, I had Gudmund, Ståle and Guttorm over to help me carry the main hull out of the workshop.  Although this was quite a trouble free manoeuvre, we all had to make an effort to lift it.  I'd guess somewhere between 150 and 200 kg.  Here the team after removing the workshop wall, before removing the hull

 It's a trailerhull!  Guttorm is trying out alternative rims for the trailer.

Mast moulds in the workshop.  I have to give them a fair bit of TLC before starting building, they were last used sometime in the 90'es  as far as I know.  Have to extend the "bulkheads" and mount it on a stand in working height.  Then there are some minor repairs to the gel coat.

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