Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Evening shift

I mounted the mast raising eye.  Bedded in micro fibre saturated epoxy, I made sure the parts were kept firm together:

Then a piece of carbon was laminated inside, covering the inside part of the tang:

SS tapping plates for the clutches and horn cleats. It really hurt to put in all that weight, but I didn't see any viable alternatives, and it's down by the foot.  Bedded in micro fibre epoxy until gelling.

Then I filled the edges and covered with a layer of glass fabric.

Also a piece of glass at the halyard exit for chafe protection.  Showing inside of mast.

I was about to laminate the centre web, using the floor as a vacuum table, but I decided to postpone until tomorrow. Maybe I'll concentrate on the last infusion tomorrow though.

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Anonymous said...

I hated the weight so much I pre-drilled thin ss plates and had nuts welded to the back of them . Time consuming and expensive but worthwhile since they were for the hounds . Anything that had to be bolted near the base we just did with a big washer , nut and a spanner taped to a stick . Our mast base is readily removable for access if needed . Keep plugging away , Cheers , Jim Buckland .