Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Floats in the dawn. Infusion.

I had to take a picture of my "motivation installation" in the garden when I got home from work today.

Later I went to the workshop to infuse the next mast piece.  I tried to take some video of the process, but unfortunately this did not work out in a manner that could enlighten the process.  Only -0,97bar and no detectable leak today as well.  So I infused.  There were no detectable bubbles in the bag during the entire process.  Low pressure passing by?  Might explain the strong winds and snowing horizontal ...

I infused about 8 kg of epoxy.  I used the heat gun to really heat up the epoxy as it entered the bag.  Ambient temp 22ºC.  This part is 1,5m longer than the previous, and have more reinforcements around the sail track. The epoxy is spreading nicely.

I made a kind of a tent over the mould and used the heat gun as an extra heat source. 

A fan sucking from the other end.  Thermometer showing ambient temperature and the temperature inside the distal end of the mould.

 After a while the exothermic reaction was clearly starting, the heat being easily detectable by touching the outside of the mould.  I left as I was assured the gelling had started.  I expect to uncover another high quality composite part tomorrow.

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