Monday, February 07, 2011

Floats finished, main hull going home, mast ready for infusion

The floats are finished with yellow sides, white on the deck and anti-skid.  I have to test the anti-skid, but it looks and feels like it's gonna work.  Not enough light for a picture, but they are waiting for mounting out in the garden, I'll get a picture, but I won't be around the house in daylight until next week end I'm afraid.

I picked up the main hull after the post cure.  It's now waiting outside the workshop for the mast build to finish and will then be faired.  I will hire help for this. This is the first trailering photo of Panta Rei:

This evening I continued the mast build, and the bag pulled >90% quite immediately. 

However, similar to last time, it stopped at 96-97% for a long time, falling really slowly, no leaks detectable.  My theory is that it's the moist in the carbon gassing out.  Last time it fell to -1 bar after a while at 97%.  The temp and the pressure in the bag is consistent with eventual water boiling.

The new but identical resin trap with gauge:

Looking up inside the mast, really big bag, getting better each time:

It got late, so I closed the valves, shut off the pump and will run a long drop test (or pressure rise test) until tomorrow.  For further reading on vacuum resin infusion I recommend Henny's publications on his blog and the main Fram pages.

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