Monday, February 14, 2011

More mast building

Not much visible progress, but I have a lot of preparations done now, so the next infusions are getting closer.

I did the inside join.  Double layer triaxial, 5cm and 10 cm overlap, wet layup vacuum bagging.

Heat treating the bag.

Then I cut all the foam for the centre web.  15mm 100kg/m^3 Divinycell. I have no idea how to laminate it yet.  My vacuum table is 3m long, so laminating there will still be 2 joins on the upper half.  It might be possible to use the floor as a laminating table.  I might laminate one side, and then the other side after mounting, lapping down the UD recess on the side.  Or just plain double side laminate and glue to flanges with micro fibre saturated epoxy.

Using wire to scribe the shape of the mould, I am making moulds for the head sail tabs.  My wife's idea, thanks!

Cutting foam for the leading edge part.  I decided to use foam around the bend close to the join.  This way I can sand down and round off the shape at the joining height.  Mostly a visual thing, I guess.

Thermo formed mast foam

I also made mould inserts to form the halyard in/out recesses

And I was able to get a couple of daylight pictures of the floats.  Snow on deck.  Will definitely be visible on the fjord.


Anonymous said...

Great going ! For what its worth , I would bag both laminates onto the web at the same time with the foam in one piece then cut it to the right widths and butt join before putting it in in one piece onto a pre-formed flange . Lot of stress on that part with a shy spinnaker ! Cheers , Jim B.

Tor Rabe said...

Hi Jim, thanks for your input! Well, I already cut the foam to the right widths, the thought was to butt-join the foam and then laminate as I have cutoff triaxial fabric in 4,5m and 6,2m lengths. The problem is I didn't really think of my table only being 3m... Might use the floor as a table