Monday, February 28, 2011

Last mast part demoulded. Very good result.

It seems like I'm getting better and better at this. Easier demoulding, easier removal of consumables and better surface finish. This part let go of the inserts very easily, and the halyard recesses came out close to perfect. It is trimmed and peeled and weighs 8,1 kg.

Continuing serial production of carbon tangs. Every tang is made in two steps; first the central glass piece and the perimeter uni carbon spread uot in the mast shaped piece, then the layers of triaxial each side of the tab and into the mast shaped part. I need 5 tangs in three different sizes to fit the mast. Three down, two in production. Here step two curing under pressure

This is what comes out of the moulds

Genoa tang trimmed and in position

I started the mast crane. It will be a U shape with the main halyard sheave inside, and a bolt for the halyard dead end. I will use 2:1 halyard to lower compression and clutch loads. Crane under vacuum.

The unprocessed U-shape.  Approx 3600 gsm.

I made up the 25mm inner diameter carbon tube with high compressive strength lay up that will make a transverse pass trough the mast and serve for custom synthetic shroud system from Colligo Marine.  Wrapped around a steel tube, using peel ply and tape to compress during cure.  A layer of plastic closest to the steel, used for sliding off the tube.  I didn't find my silicone spray that I use between the tube and the plastictoday, so releasing was quite a struggle. Would normally slide off quite nicely.

Finished 25mm x 3mm carbon tube


MartinF said...

Hi tor
I was going to order Precourt rigging for my boat, but cant find his homepage anymore. I bought my folding system from them. Any clue what the web adress is now?

Tor Rabe said...

As I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a response from Precourt a message came up at the F-boat forum that Eric Precourt had ended his business.
I suggest you send John Franta at Colligo Marine a mail, nice and similar products, up and running business. I will order my rigging there this week.

Tor Rabe said...

Did you find Colligo, and did you see them an interesting replacement for Precourt?

MartinF said...

Yes I found Colligo, very nice products and not as expensive as Precourt. I found an english website, that got some parts left from Precourt, but they are more expensive than Colligo. And Colligo sells Dynex Dux as well, which seems to be a nice product for shrouds. Let me know how much you have to pay for a full rig. Also how do you do the bobstay. I thought of making a hole through hull, well rounded and with HD insert and a tube, bobstay simply pass through and is eye spliced, same for the bowsprit end. In between two thimples with lashing. Let me know how you do it.

Tor Rabe said...

Martin! The F-22 have an integrated carbon bobstay anchor. It has a bell mouthed hole that extends forward from the bow. I'll post a picture. And I have made a similar anchor on the bobstay. I thought an eye splice threaded trough the bobstay eye, and lashings at the boat side. J Franta suggests lashings in both ends, I understand that Dynex Dux is not happy with small radius bends.