Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last quarter

I was at Røros a couple of days, but still have managed some progress.

I had to make new inserts for the halyard in recesses. These were made faster and turned out better than the last ones, funny how practice can make you better.

They were covered in packaging tape, and tacked to the mould with a strip of vacuum bag rubber tape.  Whether that was a good idea will be answered tomorrow.

All carbon and foam was placed before I left for Roros, extra reinforcements were put in for shrouds, stay/sail attachments and mast crane.

I got all the consumables placed this morning (peel ply, release film, RDM, spiral tubes and vacuum bag) and pulled an instant 97%.  I did not manage to get better than 99% though, and I infused at that vacuum this evening.  The epoxy and the mould inside was preheated to about 30ºC.  The whole process took about 16 minutes, then extra heating was added and I continued with other things until gelling.

Moulds being prepared for mast tangs. In the background mast base plate starter.

Series production started

I made a 5mm carbon plate as the core for the mast base. Down left the cup covered in a couple of layers carbon as a bonding surface for mounting in the plate.

The cup being inserted and glued in place

Detail of jigsaw blade after cutting three tang glass inserts.


MartinF said...

Hi Tor

I think you are using the wrong type of blade for your jigsaw, try a blade for metal cutting, it may be a bit slower but it will last longer.

You are doing you have any time left for your regular work? ;-)

Tor Rabe said...

Yes they were wood blades, they didn't have the narrow ones for metal. Still, the metal blades will wear at the same rate when cutting kevlar.
Not much time for my regular work this spring, as I am destined to hit the water this summer;-) You better not break anything around here until I'm finished.