Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm back!

It's good to be back after a week out of town.  This morning I dropped off the main hull at the paint shop in order to get it post cured for 5 hours @ 70ºC.  They were about to spray the float deck anti skid and I'll pick up the floats tomorrow.  We'll discuss solutions for the main hull fairing job.

Tonight I was able to wax the mast mould again, cut carbon and foam, join the sail track tube and lay it all up until the peel ply.  The lay up is 1 layer triaxial -45º/0º/45º 634gsm, 2 layers narrow 0º/90º 400gsm over sail track, 1 layer 10 cm wide 90º UD 400 gsm over the sail track, with extra 8 cm layer at sail head at full sail and all three reefs,  8mm perforated Divinycell H100, 1 layer triaxial -45º/0º/45º 634gsm,  1/2" PVC tube sail track, 1 layer narrow 0º/90º 400gsm inside sail track, peel ply.

Next is release film, RDM, the T-shaped aluminum profiles for making joining flanges and recesses for lateral UD fibres, the three spiral tube feed and suction lines and finally the vacuum bag.  I hope to shoot tomorrow night.

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